We provide structured coached and self directed, cost-effective indoor training programs for beginner thru elite rider to transform your cycling ability and deliver results through our CIS Cycling Online Academy.

Our program is a long-term, gradual approach and commitment to training and development that helps you refine and reinforce your strengths, as well as, identify and correct your weakness.

  • Build endurance and cardiovascular fitness with focus indoor training.
  • Workouts are efficient with maximum gains in minimal training time.
  • Experience noticeable improvements within 4 weeks.  
  • Increased pedal stroke efficiency and cadence development.
  • Cycle faster, further and stronger for longer.


We focus on building cardiovascular fitness, discipline in training, patience and attention to detail to establish a strong foundation to build on. Focused attention on Heart Rate and all training zones to create a high level of aerobic conditioning which is critical component of HR/Power Training.

  • Aerobic Development – Primary focus on building cardiovascular fitness throughout the program with aerobic and tempo development training.
  • Cadence Efficiency – Mastering the art of pedaling takes shape with drills that incorporate all aspects of a proper pedal stroke.
  • Force Application – Not to be confused with power, force is building on the bike strength with techniques often neglected by most cyclists.
  • Lactic Clearance – Training the body to utilize lactic acid as fuel is where the rubber meets the road.
  • Speed Endurance – Applying calculated stress on the anaerobic system is where the real gains start to take shape with high intensity intervals.
  • Power Generation - High intensity interval training to increase maximum power and improve lactate production or clearance.

Every training program that CIS Training Systems Cycling Program develops have a clear purpose of not just having people go through the motions, but work towards breaking down bad training habits and create new and sustainable training behaviors that go far beyond just being on the bike. WE call it a total transformation of Mind, Body and Spirit - (Inner Strength)

What can you expect to experience from being a member of CIS Training Systems?

  1. Training: Simple to use e-training platform, Sustainable & Effective Training Methodology and seamless Technology integration with Zwift Indoor Training Platform.
  2. Tools: Easy to use tools i.e. Strava for workout review and analysis, Wattsboard for Power Profile analysis regarding 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute and 20 minute power.
  3. Coaching: Coaching Interventions on an ongoing basis, be it, E-coaching, Accountability Coaching, Strava Online Coaching, Face to Face or Video Coaching.
  4. Development: Training Camps (1) in Virginia (March) and (5) in New York from May until September.
  5. Recognition: Year end celebration in October to award members for outstanding performance.
  6. Inclusion: A diverse and inclusive environment of trust and engagement within the CIS Family at all levels.